Chris Dowgin, tour guide, sneaking into  another tunnel that bisects the on under the Downing Block. Part of the best Salem walking tour People on the Salem Tunnel Tour. The best Salem walking tour.Chris Dowgin in the tunnel unnder the downing block. Part of the Salem Tunnel tour. The best  Salem Walking Tour. This tunnel was used to lead runaway slaves to compartments they were able to sleep in for the night. Walking tour. Guided Tour. Tour Guide

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                • Thursday through Monday.

                • 4PM or 8PM.

                • We meet at Old Town Hall at 32 Derby Square.

                • $15

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Contact info : 978-578-9238

THE BEST GHOST TOUR and most original thing to do IN SALEM!


Salem Smugglers' Tour is one of the best things to do in Salem and also one of the city's best Salem attractions. All of the tours in Salem talk about the tunnels, but we are the original tour based on the book Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City. Plus our tour guide is the author of the book.

Our aboveground Salem walking tour and ghost tour highlights the history of our smugglers, who were voted into Congress, held Cabinet Positions, and was appointed to the Supreme Court, and the tunnels they built. Thursday-Monday at 4PM and 8 PM which lasts 80 minutes that is truly the most unique Salem ghost tour illuminating the history of our ancient smuggling tunnels built by our founding fathers within the Federalist Party and their ghosts. An elaborate plot devised by Elias Hasket Derby Jr., America's first playboy for them to avoid paying custom duties on their cargo. Learn how you can dig tunnels in your town and become famous too! We will tell you the ghost stories of; the Man Who Founded Sylvania and His Mistress, the Flushing Ghost, the Ghost Who Haunted George Washington, Giles Corey's Revenge, the Ghost on the Dance Floor inside the country's first church, the Runaway Slaves' Tomb, Hawthorne and the Quiet Judge, Haunted Harry Potter Store, and Lovecraft's Thing on the Doorstep. We offer you a truly unique Salem ghost tour! Also you will hear real Salem ghost stories told by our author and guide, who is a psychic and medium, that will spook you and make you laugh. When you are looking for things to do in Salem , look no further than this Salem attraction! Especially if you are having a Girl's Night Out in Salem. An hour and a half tour filled with over exclusive 100 photos of the tunnels from the book displayed on a tablet as we walk by the locations they were photographed at.

You will learn about:

  • The American architectural style that was created just to hide the tunnels entering the buildings.
  • The tunnels used on the Underground Railroad and learn about the man who recruited the first black regiment during the Civil War.
  • How Presidents George Washington, John Quincy Adams, and James Monroe walked in the tunnels!
  • The Architect of D.C., who was made famous in the movie National Treasure, that built the tunnels in our capital and in Salem.
  • The location where Dante's Inferno was first read in the country!
  • How our nation's first National Guard unit filled in 5 ponds in the Commons just to hide the dirt from digging the tunnels.

Conspiracy theories!

  • Find out about the man who had worked with the Rothschilds to collapse our nation's economy 5 times. His bank also caused the 2008 economic collapse.
  • Skulls & Bones; meet the opium dealer who used to own the property that their Crypt is built on.
  • Stolen items; walk pass where the Romanov Crown Jewels and Blackbeard's skull resides.
  • Hear about the secret museum that has been attached to the tunnels for 300 years!
  • Photographs of orbs, secret tunnels, sealed entrances, and those politicians who shaped our country who had conspired to build to defraud the country.
The Salem walking tour of the history of the tunnels in town lasts 80 minutes. One of the leading Salem, MA tours! This an above ground tour of the tunnels filled with pictures on a tablet. We will walk pass the homes, stores, and banks of the famous smugglers, privateers, and politicians and show you pictures of these tunnels along the way. Yes, above ground but no less amazing than any other above ground tour in Salem! Which they all are....

Take this tour before their secrets get buried again!

We will also be posting special events in buildings attached to the tunnels as they become available, so keep checking the Ticket Page for new walking tours... Special October Dates and times! Check the Ticket Page for more information.

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Salem Ghost Tour Photos


Several orbs captured while on the Salem Tunnel Tour, the bet Salem walking tour. orb in the basement of the old Essex Bank during the best Salem walking tour, Salem tunnel tour. Ghost hunter with orb photographed on his belly in the tunnel under the old Essex Bank. Taken on the best Salem walking tour.

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"Salem Secret Underground :The History of the Tunnels in the City"

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Salem House Press Purveyors of fine publishing and facilitator to the arts.

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