Chris Dowgin, tour guide, sneaking into  another tunnel that bisects the on under the Downing Block. Part of the best Salem walking tour People on the Salem Tunnel Tour. The best Salem walking tour.Chris Dowgin in the tunnel unnder the downing block. Part of the Salem Tunnel tour. The best  Salem Walking Tour. This tunnel was used to lead runaway slaves to compartments they were able to sleep in for the night. Walking tour. Guided Tour. Tour Guide

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Book Them for October Before We Sell Out!



Salem Walking Tour / Special Tours

Walking Tours: Adults $15 / Students $13 / Children 14+ $10

Salem Walking Tour of the Tunnels March through September.

Thursday Through Monday at 4 PM and 8PM.

Salem Walking Tour of the Tunnels in October.

Thursday Through Monday 4PM, 8PM, and 9:30 PM only in October.

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Private Tours can be arrainged with one week notice. Private Tours must be Paid in Advance 2 Days Before Tour.

Girls Night Out In Salem Package Deals! 3 for $30!

Buy 2 Tickets and get the third Free with One Purchase! $30 for three Girls. If you have six in your group then buy two packages and two ladies can go free. etc.. Guys, don't even try it.

Thursday Through Monday at 4 PM and 8PM.


Halloween Day Tour of The Tunnels

2PM, 4 PM, 6 PM


Meet on the steps of Old Town Hall on Derby Square. Call to Book Tour in Advance if paying in cash. Please make a note to us which day your ticket is for if buying the ticket online. Tours last 60 Minutes. All tickets must be paid in advance or redeemed on our website a half hour before the tour.

Salem Walking Tours /Special Tours

Private Tours

Please book them closer to a week in advance.




Special Tours

Coming Soon!! Check Back Regularly. We Will Post Them As We Find Them!!!


Check the Ticket Page Regularly For The Latest Tours. These Basements Are Private Property And Open To Us With Special Permission. Plus Some Are Dangerous! Pricing Will Be Quite High According To Each Building's Costs of Use and Event Insurance. A Signed Waiver Removing Us From Any Liabilty Must Be Signed Before Taking Our Special Basement Tours and Tours Actually in Any Tunnels. These Tours Will Show You The Various Sealed Off Entrances To The Tunnels From Many Old Stores and Banks in Salem. The Trap Doors, Secret Doors, Vaults, Bricked Entrances, Ghosts, and Iron Doors That Seal These Buildings Off From The Tunnels Now! Check Back Regularly For Additional Tours And Pricing! Special High Premium Private Tours Can Be Had!

Walking Tours / Special Tours


Season lasts from June 1st to Nov 4th.






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"Salem Secret Underground :The History of the Tunnels in the City"

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

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