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So what would a local do if he played touris for a day? Well honestly, most people who were born here have not intentionally gone in any of the attractions since their last gramar school field trip. Like my teacher in NJ who lived in NYC his whole life never been to the Statue of Liberty. Granted, it is in NJ. But, if a local had to visit an attraction or take a tour, here is alist Salem locals most likely would pay money for.

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There are many good Salem walking tours available in Salem. The Salem Night Tour offers the best in costumed guided walking tours pass the haunted sites in downtown Salem while still offering a great narrative of Salem's History. For some truly spine tingling stories tae a stroll through Salem with a haunted carriage with Ken at Sinister Stories. A local favorite offering a different take is Bewitched After Dark walking tour which offers a journey through the history of Salem from its roots to today peppered with an uncanny knowledge of the occult. If you want to search into the underbelly of this pivotal rich town and learn how it helped shaped this country's foundation through the help of a series of rich men and a series of corrupt politicians, venture upon the Salem Smugglers' Tour and take an expedition through the history of the smugglers in town who shaped American history. If you want to go through a culinary delightful tour you should try the Salem Food Tour. Then take the free walking tour that is hosted on Google Maps from the Salem Trilogy and visit the magical whimsical side of Salem where fish fly, tall ships drop anchor next to parking meters, and Vikings storm Dead Horse Beach. Plus do not forget the Haunted Footsteps that is the only tour to venture into the McIntire District which is lead by one of Salem's best stand up comedians!

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Salem is known for its attractions that bring people from all over the world. One of the best we have to offer is this trippy psychedelic 3D Time machine on the edge of the downtown district, Salem Time Machine. Then we have the historic home of Roger Williams (founder of Rhode Island) and Judge Curwin (magestrate of the Witch Trials) filled with history, folk magic, and secrets from the past at the Witch House. Plus the Witch House offers Eerie Events in October. Its is a collection of ghost stories told by actors in period garb within that great old home. Also do not forget about the house that inspired Hawthorne, the House of the Seven Gables. If that is not enough then visit the Harry Potter themed stores at 127 Essex street and walk inot a real wand makers shop. Salem tourism has to thank these business for providing so many things to do.

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Salem has always been a hot spot for live music since Duke Ellington summered in Salem and played every Tuesday down at the Willows for 5 years. Cab Caloway, Glen Miller, and Count Bassie frequented our music venues also at that time. Later we would have Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin play at the Salem Theater. In the 90's members of the band Boston and Peter Wolf would frequently sit in with local bands. Godsmack played on of their first gigs here in Salem when they gave up being a Alice in Chains cover band. I have played open Mics with Mary Lou Lord, Mellisa Ferrick, and Russ Lawton of The Trey Anastasio Band (Fish). Dave Mattocks (Fairport Convention, Jethro Tul, Paul McCartney) could be playing drums with David Brown (Billy Joel) on guitars and John Troy (Joe Cocker) singing and playing bass. It is an amazing place for music. In the 90's we had over 12 venues in walking distance from each other at least 6 nights a week to hear music at.

Today Tiger Man Woah, Absolute Gentlemen, Freevolt, As the Sparow, The Grits and Groceries Orchestra, and Sarah and Wild Versatiles are some of the great original bands we have today. Thursday through Sunday you might have a chance to catch any of them at Village Tavern, Opus, Pig's Eye, or Rockefellas. Plus many nights you can find some great cover bands playing your favorite music. Many of the performers come from Berkely School of Music in Boston. Afterward it is great to sit at any of the public sitting locations with your feet up, under an umbrella, and your drink on the table and watch the night stroll by. So after sunset, just don't go back to your hotel room and watch CSI, go out meet some locals, dance, and hear some great music! Plus the best place to dance is the Village Tavern where the women actually like to dance with the men and not just to be watched...


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Salem House Press started under Wynot's Wand Shop across from America's first published poet's (Anne Bradstreet) homestead. They publish the finest in YA, Illustrated Children Stories, sci-fi, history, poetry, and more. Check out the Salem Trilogy, Anatomy of a Love Affair, Salem Which City: Activity Book, and Salem Secret Underground: the History of the Tunnels in the City. Books are for sale at your local book store, Barnes & Noble,, Google Play, and Itunes. In Salem you can find them in either Harry Potter Shops at 127 Essex Street, Wicked Good Books, and at Bewitched in Salem on the Pedestrian Mall.

Salem House Press
PO Box 249
Salem, Ma 01970

Salem Combo Deals

When you book a ticket with the Salem Smugglers' Tour you can take $3 off any reading at Angelica of the Angels at 192 Essex Street. Vice versa, with any reading purchased at Angelica of the Angels you are welcome to take $3 off any ticket at the Salem Smugglers' Tour.


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Off the beaten trail. There are many things locals embelish every day in which the tourist would miss. All of these suggestions are in walking distance from each other. Take a right out of the Witch House and head south down Essex street and visit the Ropes Mansion and smell all of their flowers. They are open 24 hours and becomes a very romantic spot after sunset... Then turn right again and go up one block and turn left onto this winding road called Botts Court and visit the Gingerbread carriage house. Then stroll in both directions on this road to visit this neighborhood with the county's widest one way street filled with Victorian delight. Then head back downtown and walk behind the old armory Visitor Center on New Liberty Street and enter the premisses of the Essex Institute. Walk through their garden and enter past the iron fence and sit at this lovely patio set behind the Andrew Safford House. Then walk down Essex Street and turn right at the Naborne house and enjoy this walkway pass an old colonial garden. Then venture halfway up Derby Wharf pass the tall ship Friendship and bring a picnic and sit on the wooden dock half way to the lighthouse. Leave the wharf and take a right and walk pass the House of the Seven Gables and take a right onto White Street and visit the gardens before venturing to Mackey's Sculpture Yard by the Ferry. This place was once the location of the most haunted house in Salem. The ghosts will still wreck havoc on your cameras. For a cool late night adventure, sit on the bench next on Daniels Street by the House and Seven Gables around 2 AM and watch a family of racoons walk pass you to search the beach for some shellfish. Then walk pass. The best of Salem tourism is sometimes free....

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