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More Than Witches Tour!!!!

3PM and 8PM 7 Days a Week

(One week booking in advance.)

Office hours 12pm-7pm

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Private In-Depth 2hr Tour :
One Ticket Purchase good
for one to four adults.
(Children under 14 free.)

Tour meets at the Salem Common entrance closest to the Hawthorne Hotel on the circle of coblestones.

Tripadvisor and Viator Alert: We have not been affiliated with them for years due to their failure in informing us when they booked tickets. This season they are booking a Murder Mystery Tour we only offered for a single season. Please seek a refund from those two parties. You are welcome to book tours through this website though, and we hope you do. Sorry for their transgressions.


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About the Tour

Traditions since 1692

Welcome to our private In-Depth Salem History tour. We offer to you a private version of our complete history of Salem tour. All the other tours focus only on the witches of 1692 or the modern-day witches, but Salem is much more than that. We cover how the city created the 1%, the Witch Hysteria roots, the vast fortunes made here, the smuggling tunnels, the murder the game Clue is based on, the locals' perspective, HP Lovecraft, the Second Witch Hysteria of 1811, the humor, the political corruption, the Underground Railroad, a drunk elephant, the inventions, and the people who shaped American history throughout time!

Also, for something special, we can customize a tour for you. Just tell us what your interests are and we can build a one of a kind tour around them.

Either it is a Victorian/turn of the century photography tour, Architecture, Witch Trials, Maritime, Paranormal, or whatever you like we will customize something for you.


More Than Witches Tour!!!!

3PM and 8PM 7 Days a Week

(One week booking in advance.)

Book Online

Private In-Depth 2hr Tour:
One Ticket Purchase good for one to
for four Adults (Children under 14 free)


Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City

Salem Secret Underground Book Cover

The real life story of how 159 people including senators, a superior court justice, secretaries of state, the countries first millionaires, a secretary of the Navy, directors in our national banks, the first National Guard Unit, and the real life murderer from the game Clue dug three miles of tunnels to defraud Thomas Jefferson's administration by avoiding paying his custom duties.

Filled with pictures of the tunnels and the homes they are connected to. A living book which is updated frequently as new finds come to light. This is the second edition of hit book that everyone digs!

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Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa book cover


The sequel to the smash hit everyone digs, Salem Secret Underground!

Salem, Ma was once the second richest port in America. With this wealth came great power. People from Salem have shaped American history; for good and bad.

People from Salem have tried to give New England back to the British during the War of 1812, dug 3 miles of tunnels to avoid customs, assassinated a president and got away with it, planned a series of economic collapses every 20 years, and were behind the biggest opium trade in history.

Also people from Salem were the first to light their home by electricity, created the phone, built electric cars in the 1800's, patented the #2 pencil, and more.

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Murder on the Common

Murder on the Common book cover


The latest edition in the The Sinclair Narratives. Join Prince Henry Sinclair, everyone's favorite immortal who sailed from Scotland near Roslyn Chapel to find Vinland a 100 years before Columbus and sailed to America with the Templar's treasure horde. In this tale we follow Henry through a murder mystery that influenced Parker Brother's game Clue, the real life murder which was the most famous in nineteenth century. Along the way he will be hampered by the the Illuminati, Lovecraftian monsters, Mormons, and Vampires. Filled with historical personages that shaped American history and composite photographs taken from Matthew Brady and others.

Look for other Sinclair Narratives in future novels and in issues of Arkham: Tales from the Flipside magazine.

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More Than Witches Tour!!!!

3PM and 8PM 7 Days a Week

(One week booking in advance)

Book Online

Private In-Depth 2hr Tour for Four Adults (Children under 14 free)


All tours meet on the Salem Common entrance closest to the Hawthorne Hotel. Wait on the circular array of cobblestones. Contact us for pricing of tours larger than 4 people.

Salerm Smugglers' Tour, PO Box 249, Salem, MA