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The Remonds

Charles RemondSarah Parker RemondCharles Lennox Remond and his sister Sarah Parker Remond were the two abolistionists who trained Fredrick Douglass when he lived in Lynn. Their father had a successful catering company that served the elite members of the Federalists in town. From Hamilton Hall they could sneak into the tunnels leading many escaped slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. Also they would speak often on their cause in the Lyceum on Church Street.The Remonds were a very successful family owning several businesses including hair salons, a catering company, and laundries. They also boarded the first African American woman to graduate from college. They were part African and Arawak Tribe from Carriacou off the coast of Venezualia. The tribe Tituba was from. Charles would become the recruiter for the 51st and 52nd regiments during the Civil War. The regiments were made famous in the movie "Glory". Sarah might be responsible for her brother's and Douglass' wild hair styles since she was a hair dresser. Sarah went to England and then went to Italy in 1866, where she started medical training and became a physician. She practiced medicine for nearly 20 years in Florence and married there, never returning to the United States. The Underground Railroad runs though many buildings in Salem including a hair salon on Highland Ave., The House of the Seven Gables, the original Essex Bank Building on Essex Street, the chapel in Greenlawn Cemetary, the Downing Block on Essex Street, and the Kinsman Building on Washington Street. There is a tomb of two runaway slaves under the Essex Bank Building on Essex Street and the Kinsman Building might of been used to deliver them many runaway slaves to an Underground train station where they could send these unfortunate souls to work in sweat shops in the new cities of Lowell and Lawrence.

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