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We have several exotic and historical walking, driving, biking, and self-guided tours. Your tour guide has been a native of Boston's Gold Coast for thirty years. Chris Dowgin is the author of at least 14 books, many on the area, and he brings his bardic skills to each and every tour. He has been writ ten up in Fodors and has appeared on the Discovery Channel, the Food Network, local North Shore cable stations, and podcasts. He has worked as a fixer and location scout for Scrips and Paramount Studios (Flatliners reboot). His latest appearance is on Robert Irvine's Kitchen Expedition walking through the tunnels under Salem, MA.

Chris Dowgin

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Books by Chris Dowgin

The Sinclair Narratives

Read the adventure of everyone's favorite immortal, Henry Sinclair, and his third generation Viking reincarnated crew. Adventures set within Boston's Gold Coast filled with historical personages like Teddy Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Howard Taft, and many others who shaped America through out the ages. Tales filled with Lovecraftian monsters, werewolves, magical items, Templars, and more! Read a tale now!

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Also his work has been used as research for other books and television shows. From The Librarians TV show to Janet Evanovich's and Phoef Sutton's Wicked Charms, his knowledge of the tunnels in the city is beyond par and he has proven to be quite helpful. Also always available to help a reporter out or to appear on another podcast.

Books that used Chris Dowgin's books for research.


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Location Scout/Fixer

Every movie crew needs a fixer. Some one who knows everyone in town from the local color for extras to the town officials to help with licencing. A person who knows the roads and locations of interest. Now image all that in a person with artistic flair and an encyclopedic memory for history...

Also it doesn't hurt if that person knows where the tunnels and their entrances are in town...

Chris Dowgin has worked with Paramount Pictures looking for locations on the reboot of Flatliners. He has been filmed on the Discovery Channel. He has appeared on Robert Irvine's Kitchen Expedition walking him through the tunnels of Salem. Plus he has appeared on many more outlets...

Chris Dowgin and the mdia outlets


The Natural Beauty of the Gold Coast

Exotic Biking Tours

Chris Dowgin wearing a derby hatCome back throughout the year and see our different Biking tour options of Boston's Gold Coast. After you take one of our Biking tours, why not try one of our driving, walking, or self-guided tours.

Through time let us show you all the wonders of the North Shore!

Embrace the Beauty and Grandeur!!!

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Power Brokers and Presidents of the Gold Coast

History and Location of Lynch Park

Lynch Park is the meeting place for our tours. It has an interesting history. It was once the summer White House for two years during William Howard Taft's presidency. A stay which didn't end well with the woman who had owned it. She had to be restrained from burning the residence down after she evicted him. The house was Christen Stetson Hall, named after the man who built it and invented the cowboy hat. The house was saved by Louise Dupont Crowninshield and her husband Keno Crowninshield and moved across the harbor on two barges to Peach's Point in Marblehead. The mansion used to reside where the rose garden is now. Click here for a complete history. The house also appears in The Sinclair Narratives' tale in Arkham: Tales from the Flipside.