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Bostonian and Cod Boston Gold Coast History

Boston's Gold Coast is from Nahant to Rockport along the shore north of Boston. Starting in the nineteenth century the wealthy of Salem and Boston sought out seafront property to build some of America's first castles. They were the powerbrokers and those who controled the ear of many presidents. In fact, some of our presidents resided here while running the country in the summer months of their terms. It is a place of natural beauty along the Rt 127 corridor running along the ocean through wood lined roads with various hiking destinations, beach and vistas straight from providence.

Boston's Gold Coast might of started in 1845 when a descendant of the Old Planters, Samuel Ober, stated to a friend, "There is a Boston man who wants to buy my lands for $2,000; taint worth it. What am I to do?" The friend answered, "I think he knows what he wants; let him have it." Ober then replied "It ain't worth it..." Franklin Gordon Dexter was the first to build their summer palaces on the North Shore over looking the ocean. Many would follow him in leaving Boston, especially after a Boston tax collector in 1870 became over zealous within his profession. Some claim this area from the Prides Crossing section of Beverly to Manchester-By-the-Sea rivals any mansion in Newport. Situated on Route 127, the Gold Coast winds through wooded byways and ocean vistas pasts these American Castles.

Our Driving and Biking Tours invites you take in the grandeur and the history of this region. We will take you to the natural beauty of hidden beaches, grand ocean cliffs, farm stands, boutiques, shopping, and museums; the North Shore is one of the most spectacular destinations on the continent. Let us show you the magic which is the Gold Coast!



The Natural Beauty of the Gold Coast
Power Brokers and Presidents of the Gold Coast